Curiouser and curiouser

BP has lots of projects going on around the world… the clean-up in the Gulf of Mexico will cost them a fraction of a fraction of their income. Their stock did drop a bit but has started rising again.

Interestingly, they quit selling their stock directly over their website on April 30, 2010. The Gulf oil spill took place on April 20. Was somebody buying it up? Selling it off? I’d like to buy one share and hold on to it, just to see what happens.

Again, BP has lots of projects going on around the world… some in conjunction with other oil companies. Who are those companies? Who owns those companies? Are they the same people who used to own the great monopoly Standard Oil, before it was split up? Do those same people own factories which make clean-up equipment and gear? Just curious.

Something else I’m curious about…

The stock market plunged 1000 points last Thursday and though many of those trades have been canceled, some can’t be. Stop-loss transactions, for instance. Many people lost a lot of money in that twenty-minute chaotic drop. But then – some people made a lot of money. Who? My suspicion gene went into high gear when I saw that report on the news. Theories abound as to what caused the drop. “Fat finger mistake” was the first suggestion, i.e. a typo in a sell order. More recently, technology clashes has been proposed.

My own suspicion is high-tech digital mischief. “Follow the money.” That may not be actually possible, but it is curious. Like the time so-called experts said a squirrel gnawing on a wire caused a multi-state failure of a western US power grid. Yeah, sure.


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Christ is the "Big C" in my life!

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