SALT, the movie

The release of the movie SALT coincided with the arrest of several decades-long undercover Russian operatives in the US, several with spouses and children. That gives one pause…

I saw the movie recently and recommend it highly. Here’s a synopsis:

In the role of Evelyn Salt, Angelia Jolie plays a CIA staffer hunted by her own agency after a Russian defector fingers her in a plot to murder Russia’s president during a visit to the United States.

The breathless cat-and-mouse game hits full-throttle almost from the outset, when a former KGB officer named Orlov (Daniel Olbrychski) stumbles into a CIA interrogation room and begins spilling details of a vast conspiracy.

It seems that back in the 1970s, hardline elements of the Soviet regime launched an ambitious new front in the Cold War, flooding the western world with orphans trained to infiltrate the security complexes of their adopted homelands. There they would establish “normal lives” and wait patiently — decades, if necessary — for the order to initiate assassinations intended to trigger a devastating nuclear clash between the superpowers, from which Russia would emerge triumphant.

The Soviet Union may have long ago collapsed, but its army of undercover killers remains in place, and if Orlov is to be believed, they stand poised to reignite the Cold War. It’s a preposterous scheme, but no more than our government’s proposals to kill Castro back in the ‘60s. So the CIA treats it seriously, even when Orlov names Salt, who happens to be a Russian-born orphan herself, as a key player in the conspiracy.

Salt bristles at the accusation, but, suspecting a set-up, she flees rather than face interrogation from her bosses Winter (Liev Schreiber) and Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor). A former field agent, she’s been confined to a desk job since an operation in North Korea failed, leaving her with a nasty shiner and an unremarkable German boyfriend (now her husband).

She’s kept up her training, however, fends off a dozen or so agents and takes to the streets, where she sets about to clear her name and unravel the Russian conspiracy before the authorities catch up with her. That is, if she really isn’t a part of the conspiracy.

This is a fast-moving spy story with several thought-provoking surprises along the way. The ending demands a sequel; I hope it comes out soon.


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