14 March 2011

Instead of continuing my own situational updates, I’ve been glued to the TV since Saturday, watching and praying about Japan’s multiple catastrophes. Today it’s the nuclear power plants, possible (or probable) reactor core meltdowns threatening thousands upon thousands of people, including the rescuers working so feverishly to help out. Our own US Navy has had to move ships further out to sea after detecting radiation reaching their locations.

Join me in praying for the Lord to have mercy on Japan and indeed on all the world that is being affected by these disasters, to give the people, their leaders and their helpers all the supplies, equipment, information, wisdom, food, water, shelter, medical care, everything needed at this critical time.

As for me…

I’m a bit preoccupied with hair. Singles and double strands, on my shoulder, on my pillow, on the bathroom sink. Lots of hair on my hairbrush. I’m very thankful sweet Susan Johnson brought me some head coverings, little turbans, etc. the other day, because otherwise I’d be shedding all over the house!

Tom Kinard used to joke “some turns gray, some turns loose!” and mine has done both now! My scalp feels quite tender, almost sun-burned, so running my hairbrush across it is not fun. Necessary, but not fun.

I prepared for the predicted hair loss by acquiring a wig as close to my current color and length as possible. I tried it on when it first arrived but probably won’t use it until I really need to go out in public. It’s a bit thicker than I like but who cares.

I’ve had no nausea to speak of, thanks to the Emend but all the other flu-like symptoms still arrived, although somewhat more muted than the first time. Digestive tract symptoms mostly, heartburn, upset stomach, plus occasional aches and chills. The worst was insomnia the first couple of nights followed closely by fatigue. The fatigue has been much worse this time and I find myself falling asleep in the living room chair whether I want a nap or not. I made myself do some laundry today just to get myself out of the chair or bed.

Food (and coffee) tastes weird as I’d been warned it would. Still, I’m hungry enough to eat it, whatever it is. Last night I cooked and ate some grits and eggs, and this morning I butter-fried some left-over cold grits with melted cheese. Lunch was a fat tomato and mayonnaise sandwich with home-made corn chowder about 11:30, followed later by a hot dog and french fries brought by my very considerate daughter.

A little bit ago I peeled and sliced an apple (usually don’t peel them but right now I can’t take the bitter taste of the peeling) and munched on that while sipping hot coffee. I’m still hungry! Is that a good thing?

Tomorrow I am determined to feel more normal!

Friday is being a very good kitty, gently climbing into my lap once in a while, staring into my eyes and curling up for his chin rub and compliments – pretty boy, good boy, sweet boy with such a handsome tail! before hopping down and settling into his cat bed on the sofa.

Well, back to the news, then for whatever doesn’t-require-much-intelligent-thought TV shows I can find.


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