4 April 2011

Fatigue is at least 50% better, for which I’m truly grateful. I can now walk from the bedroom to the kitchen before having to sit down, accompanied by Friday who tries to anticipate my every step (he walks just ahead of me). I’m trying to teach him the words “front” for living room and “back” for bedroom, and he seems to be learning. I’ll add “office” once he gets those down pretty well. It’s not a good thing to walk too close to my toes, as he discovered when I stepped on one of HIS toes by accident.

Toward the end of last week I broke out in several small patches of red rash, for which I’m going to call the doctor this morning. The red bumps don’t itch much if at all but are raised and a bit tender. The first ones started on my upper chest and are going away slowly.

A second patch appeared a day or so later on my back below the right shoulder blade. I didn’t mean to scratch it but I guess I must have, because now one of those spots has a scab on it and throbs, burns and slightly itches. I can tell that several places are large and raised. One feels like it’s right on top of a nerve ending, like several inflamed nerves I’ve had over the year requiring cortisone shots. I wonder about the possibility of shingles…

A third patch located on my right upper arm doesn’t itch or hurt and it’s beginning to fade away.

However, lying in bed the other night I actually felt a fourth patch of 5 or 6 bumps break out on my right lower chest, just above the waist level. It felt like tiny little needles sticking me for a few seconds. That patch is a bit red and inflamed looking, no doubt due to the fact that the waistband of pajamas and jeans irritate the bumps.

This series of side effects has lasted much longer than any of the others and if the fatigue isn’t completely gone by Wednesday, I may need a wheelchair to get from home to Dr. Bajaj’s and/or the IV Therapy lab at McLeod. Bummer.


1 Response to “4 April 2011”

  1. 1 Terry Motte
    April 4, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    Been keeping up with you through your blog. Still praying for a complete healing.

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