Chemo resumed

The shingles rash is mostly healed — the last stabbing pain was Sunday night, nothing since, praise God! When I reported that to Dr. Bajaj, he said I was really “hardy.”

I asked what that meant, and he said he’s seen no other patient to heal up from shingles or its pain so fast. I reminded him that I prayed and spoke to it, and also had friends and family agreeing with me in prayer. He just smiled.

I asked how this WBC report looked and he told me that although my white blood cell count had dropped even more, the rest of my numbers were good enough to re-start therapy.

He then listened to my lungs and heart, checked my mouth and throat, and said I could go on over to McLeod and resume chemotherapy. It had been 4 weeks instead of the usual 2 since my last session.

So I finally had the 4th and last in this series of medications yesterday and will get the Neulasta shot this afternoon (to re-build white blood cells).

The next series with a different medication starts in 3 weeks, and each of those 4 sessions will be 3 weeks apart. That is, barring any more “holds” for side effects.

I am very grateful for everyone’s prayers. Please continue to pray that side effects (fatigue already setting in today) won’t be so severe, and that my white blood cell count will begin to rise right away. At this low level I can’t risk going anywhere there is a crowd, except the doctor’s office and chemotherapy lab at the hospital.

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter celebration!


2 Responses to “Chemo resumed”

  1. 1 nancy yarborough
    April 23, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    Bette – I hope you have a great Easter day tomorrow. I’ll certainly miss you at church but will be thinking of you and praying. This Easter I am grateful for facebook and youtube – have been listening to some really great songs. One of my favorite is also one of my favorite songs. Check this out http://www.godvine.com then in Search Brianna Perez
    Be blessed. Love Nancy

    • April 24, 2011 at 11:10 am

      It’s a beautiful song by an anointed girl! One of my favorites too. I cannot remember the last Easter morning service I missed, it has been so many years, but will be participating here at home. I truly appreciate your prayers, Nancy. Please continue! Side effects from this last chemotherapy session Tuesday kept me in bed for most of two days, weak, sleepy, upset stomach, but I’m feeling much, much better today. Thanks again. Have a wonderfully blessed Easter! Love, Bette

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