Bone pain – but no nausea

To prepare for the new medication Taxotere, I had to take 8 mg. of Decadron (a steroid to prevent side effects) twice a day for three days, beginning the day before my first treatment. Now, I’ve had Decadron before and my stomach doesn’t like it. I dosed myself up with Prilosec and tried to eat only very soft foods like scrambled eggs to ward off a flare-up of my long dormant ulcer. Decadron also keeps me very much awake all night. Even half of a sleeping pill didn’t keep me asleep for more than two or three hours at a time, so by the time I got myself up, dressed and in the car, I felt like I really needed a long nap already.

Most of my CBC this week was nearly back to normal, thus Dr. Bajaj gave me the okay to begin the next four sessions of chemotherapy with Taxotere. Tuesday’s first treatment did not result in any nausea, thankfully. I haven’t needed anything at all for nausea, not even the occasional little pill.

There were the usual complications / delays at the hospital — because of no blood return on the IV line insertion into the portacath they had to get permission from Dr. Bajaj to proceed with the IV. The saline was going into the line, no problems there, but protocol required them to have the doctor’s okay to add the Taxotere. Of course, that meant repeated phone calls and pages to his office before finally getting approval about 2:30 PM. Taxotere was finally started about 3:15, finished up by 4:15, and I got home about 4:45 PM. It had been a very long day, my having been at the doctor’s office at 8:45 AM and the IV therapy department since 11:00 AM. Lunch was served very, very late (2:15) due to new scheduling and I was glad I’d stuck a banana in my purse.

Wednesday I drove myself back to McLeod for the Neulasta shot (white blood cell booster) and was once again informed by the nurse about potential side effects. I thought I had prepared pretty well for those, specifically the intestinal-flu symptoms of cramping, bloating, constipation and diarrhea with a package of chewable Gas-X, a Maalox-type liquid and anti-diarrhea meds on the night stand.

I was not prepared for the bone pain, however. I’d never had that particular side effect of Neulasta before this. It started Thursday with peculiar sharp and/or throbbing aches and pains in hips, back, shins, thighs, upper arms and shoulders, sort of like being stabbed over and over with a dull knife. These are different from the ice-pick-like shingles pains, which were worse but not nearly as widespread. Even my jaws and teeth hurt. Weird.

So now I’m speaking to my bones and muscles, telling them to be quiet and at peace, like Jesus speaking to the storm at sea.

Dr. Bajaj had earlier offered a prescription for a narcotic pain medicine which I’d declined. For now prayer, Aleve and Tylenol are taking care of it, along with a whole sleeping pill at bedtime. (A whole one usually keeps me asleep far too long, but right now that’s fine with me.)

Today is better, still some aches but not as severe. Supposedly these will go away in another day or so and I do look forward to that.

My appetite is still good, so for an early breakfast I had rice krispies with banana, and for brunch a little while ago I had two scrambled eggs and grits with coffee. My next activity will be preparing my favorite lunch, home-made spaghetti and sauce with chunks of hamburger, stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce, chopped onions and celery. That should keep my thoughts occupied for a bit while Tylenol works on any aches and pains.

I am so very grateful for everyone’s prayers. Please continue to agree with me!


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