Surgery over, doing well; but may need more chemo

Mastectomy surgery Monday morning went smoothly and Dr. Sonfield (surgeon) says I am doing very, very well. Had excellent care at McLeod, great nurses, techs, etc. Most if not all were Christians, which made the stay even better since we could share so openly with each other.

A “misplaced” breakfast tray (ordered promptly at 6:30 AM) Tuesday morning did make me a tad grouchy. After a liquid diet for my late lunch and supper Monday I was so looking forward to scrambled eggs, etc., but apparently someone else got my tray and no doubt enjoyed it – my nurse finally re-ordered for me at 8:30 and I sure did enjoy breakfast when I did get it.

I came home yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) and slept soundly last night. Since early Tuesday AM I only need occasional Tylenol for discomfort, which is great. Shelby and a few other folks will take turns staying with me for a few days and I’ll see the surgeon for FU on Monday.

The lymphedema therapists came to the hospital Tuesday and Wednesday to check and re-wrap my arm and I’ll continue that therapy at their office starting Friday. The arm is doing really well too, just a little extra swelling after surgery.

However — because of the post-surgery pathology report (a few lymph nodes were still positive; i.e. cancer cells not completely dead like the tumor) a bit more chemotherapy may be recommended in addition to the already-planned radiation. That will be up to Dr. Bajaj (cancer doc) who I will see in a couple of weeks. I would appreciate continued prayer about that situation.

I have really been feeling everyone’s prayers and am so very grateful for them. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!


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