No more chemo needed

I saw Dr. Sonfield Monday for FU and to get the pesky dangly drains removed. He said I was doing very, very well and he was proud of me. Made me wonder what he usually sees on a patient’s first post-op appointment…

I asked him how many nodes they tested and he said all they could find – which was only 9. That seemed like a low number to me – and it was. He said it’s because all the others that may have had cancer cells had shrunk so much with chemotherapy it would have been very time consuming to find them, and wouldn’t change the report’s conclusion.

While there I asked if the cancer committee had met that day. They had, and decided I didn’t need any more chemotherapy, for which I’m very grateful! Dr. Bajaj told them I’d had very heavy chemo “on the front end,” thus the decision.

He seemed much more cheerful and at ease that day and I told him so. (He had seemed somewhat down in the hospital the day he told me about the 5 positive lymph nodes.) I told him my faith isn’t altered by anything he says or does, which I think he needed to hear. I reminded him that I was praying for him and would keep on unless and until the Lord quit reminding me to do it. He thanked me and hugged me goodbye – not your normal doctor!

Healing of the incision is going very well. It is glued together – stitches are internal and will dissolve. Weird that I don’t need any bandages, although I had asked the nurse to put one on for me to come home from the hospital, just to keep my clothes from rubbing any tender spots. My energy level improves every day, and I’m sleeping well, too, except when Friday decides I need to get up at 4:00 AM!

Next Wednesday (9/7) I see the radiation docs to schedule those treatments (daily 5 days a week for 7 weeks). Have another FU with Dr. Sonfield that same day, then FU with Dr. Bajaj on the 13th, plus LE therapy in between. Lots of appointments!

Many, many thanks for your continued prayers. I can certainly feel them!


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Christ is the "Big C" in my life!

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