Saw the radiation doc

On Tuesday I saw Dr. Grubb, one of the radiation oncologists at McLeod. After I filled out a lengthy history questionnaire, the nurse asked a series of FU questions. She gave me materials describing the accelerator machinery and process, plus the various staff members who work there and what they do.

Then Dr. Grubb came in. He checked how well my incision was healing, listened thoroughly to my heart and lungs, and gave me a detailed explanation of the planned therapy: 33 treatments, 5 days a week for about 7 weeks. He covered all the questions I had very well.

He said to allow 45 minutes or so daily for my appointments, although most of that time will be waiting – first in the waiting room, then getting correctly positioned on the table for radiation to begin, which will take 15 to 20 minutes.

Two areas will be targeted, the left chest wall where the tumor used to be, and left axilla where the positive lymph nodes used to be. He emphasized that these are preventative measures, recommended for the best long-term results in preventing any future recurrence.

He finally explained that I would need to heal completely from surgery before radiation therapy begins. Therefore, my next appointment won’t be until October 5, allowing time also to complete lymphedema treatment and acquire my compression sleeve and glove.

During radiation I will have to lie still on a hard table with my left arm over my head for 15-20 minutes. That would be pretty difficult with a tender incision and an arm wrapped up like it is now.

The October 5 appointment is to begin the marking process, with a CT scan to determine location of internal organs. Treatment spots will be marked with paint sort of like that used in paintball guns. Also I will get tiny, pinhead size black tattoos that the machinery will use to be sure my position is identical every time. Don’t want to ever “beam” the wrong spot, after all.

For now I’m resting, healing, letting my hair grow back (it’s about an inch long now), going to LE therapy and doing LE exercises here at home, watching TV, reading, praying for mercy for America and healing for a variety of people other than myself, and waiting. Though not particularly patient, I’m grateful for a few weeks “off,” so to speak.

“Shrink, shrivel, die and disappear from my body.” That’s what I prayed and spoke to every cancer cell in my body, and they did. Thank you so very much for joining me in that prayer of faith and command!

Now, will you join me in praying for complete healing and restoring of strength from surgery? And from left-arm lymphedema (supposedly treatable but not curable) – our creator God still works creation miracles and can certainly recreate or reconnect lymph channels. I sincerely appreciate, and feel, your prayers!


1 Response to “Saw the radiation doc”

  1. 1 Diane Brown
    September 13, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    I am continuing to stand with you and thank God for His Resurrection life that continues to quicken you and overcome death!

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Bette Cox 2010

Christ is the "Big C" in my life!

That was told to me by a good friend recently, and it's so very true.

Jesus says in John 10:10, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

I believe Jesus. I hope you do too.

I have one request of other believers reading this journal:

Agree with me that the invader will shrink, shrivel, die and disappear from my body, whatever method the Lord uses to accomplish that.

Thanks in advance.


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