Feel better already

The new drain line is now installed, this one in the front chest wall (the post-surgery ones were on the side). The friendly sonographer let me watch as she did an ultrasound to exactly locate the fluid “lake” so the radiologist could place the drain in the most effective spot. The lake was quite extensive, running up toward my left shoulder and around to the lower left chest and side. The largest part was in the front.

As we talked I discovered that she was Beth Holland, the daughter of Ann Holland Bland, an old friend of ours (mainly of Tim’s). We had a very nice chat while doing all the preparation stuff (forms, questions, ultrasound).

Ann Bland was one of Tim’s computerized accounting students at Flo-Darl Tech in the early 1980’s. She went to work in the accounting department at McLeod Hospital after graduating and we stayed in touch through the years. Beth was a little girl the last time I saw her. Tim had always called her “Bethie Baby,” and she always called Tim “Timmy Baby.” She said she’s been at McLeod for about 16 years – but she hardly looks out of her teen years! A truly lovely young woman.

Beth told me that Tim was the reason she was now a sonographer. They had been talking about what kind of career she wanted to pursue after high school, and she’d thought about becoming an anesthetist. Tim suggested she consider doing ultrasounds as an alternative, pointing out pros and cons of both. She did, and sonography is what she eventually chose. I’d never known that.

Ann’s husband Larry died a couple of years ago, she has retired and now lives in Darlington. I asked Beth to say hello to her mom for me and to ask Ann to give me a call one day. It was really good to see Beth today. She walked me completely out of the hospital and asked if there was anything at all she could do for me. I said, “pray!” and she promised to do so.

About the drain line: the radiologist was Dr. Sam Hill – “not the fence man,” he said as he introduced himself. He scrubbed my skin with cold blue-green liquid soap and then gave me a numbing shot (which I never felt). Afterward he obviously made a tiny hole in the chest wall just above the incision, but I never felt or saw that part. After inserting the drainage tube, he “vacuumed” out 230 ml. of orange-tinted serous fluid. That was a lot!

Then he attached the bulb container, taped everything securely to my chest wall, and that was that. This single tube is shorter that the two I had before but still long enough for the container to fit in my pants pocket.

I felt better almost immediately, not having so much free fluid sloshing around inside. I see Dr. Sonfield again next Monday to check my progress. Sure hope this drain won’t have to stay in too long.


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