MRI shows bursa tear, more prayer needed

Dr. Grubb looked at my shoulder MRI and found a small tear in the bursa. His office is making me an appointment to see the shoulder specialist at Pee Dee Orthopedics. They will let me know later today when the appointment is.

I have been complaining of this pain ever since surgery in August, saying it was getting worse and especially so since radiation therapy began. Until Dr. Grubb took me seriously and ordered the MRI, neither Dr. Sonfield or Dr. Bajaj suggested doing anything about it – not x-rays, MRI, nothing. Disappointing, to say the least.

Apparently these tears do not improve with time, they worsen – and especially worsen with certain positioning such as that used during radiation therapy. So what will the orthopedist suggest, I wonder?

My pink skin is now red on the upper chest wall and broken out in a small radiation rash. It is tender and itchy but not terribly bad. The prescription cream definitely does help. I bought some Lidocaine ointment Saturday to slather on one particular itchy spot and it seems to help keep me from scratching that itch.

So, I would appreciate specific prayer for a solution to all these glitches!


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