Still on hold; feeling “crispy”

If anything, the skin redness has worsened. Now there are little black specks mixed in with some of the white peeling places. While the redness extends under my arm and all the way to my waist, the worst and most painful burning is in a semi-circular area where the peeling keeps recurring, on the upper left chest wall below the clavicle.

Dr. Grubb looked at it Thursday and said, no therapy yet, keep taking Cipro, use the prescription cream and return Monday for another check.

The burn doesn’t look much improved to me, though. The cream doesn’t absorb at all into the bad spot, it just lays atop the skin. Washing it off before applying more is a lengthy and painful process.

November 23rd was my last radiation treatment so it’s now been 10 days. I take one Lortab plus one Tylenol in order to keep the pain down enough to function. I can’t take more than that and still drive, which I have to do on a regular basis.

I got my eyes checked yesterday and a prescription for new tri-focal lenses. Dr. Zakhour says the new lenses will only be good for a few months, however, that I will need cataract surgery soon – 6 months to a year. He said I could have it done now but I told him I wanted to take a little break from doctors, hospitals and surgery first. He said he certainly understood and just to let him know when I was ready. One more thing to think about.

I am praying specifically and speaking to my skin that the radiation burns will resolve faster, the skin and muscles completely heal and be pain-free, and that if I have to stop radiation therapy altogether it will still have done a thorough job. John 10:10!


1 Response to “Still on hold; feeling “crispy””

  1. December 3, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Betty, you are an inspiration to any anyone for whatever illness. You have no idea how proud I am of you. I wish you continued success as you heal. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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Christ is the "Big C" in my life!

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