Good reports

Portrait done last month for church directory -- hair all back!I recently had 6-month checkups with all my doctors and got good reports from all of them. The one remaining blood level (WBC’s) that is below normal will continue to come up, Dr. Burnett assured me, so in the meantime stay out of crowds and wash my hands often, as I have been doing. I am playing piano for church services but I go early and stay late with the music team, thus avoiding any coughs or sneezes from the congregation.

I also had a few recent PT visits for lymphedema, where at my request I was instructed in massage and exercise therapy that doesn’t include wrapping the arm. I’d had to stop the wrapping months ago because it was preventing the seroma from shrinking and healing. That has completely resolved now and I sure didn’t want it to recur. I also pointed out to the therapist that I can’t practice the piano, rehearse or play at church with my arm and hand wrapped, which was another reason for an alternate plan. So I asked for non-wrapping therapies that I can use at home.

I was the first patient of hers to need such things, she said, so they were designed just for me but maybe they can help someone else along the way. Thirty minutes or so twice a day isn’t bad; I can sit in my armchair and watch TV while doing the routine. The therapist measured the arm at the beginning of the PT visits and again at the end to be sure the suggested therapies were actually working, and they were.

All in all I am doing very well, feeling well, with no more scheduled doctor appointments until December or January!


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Christ is the "Big C" in my life!

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