Even better

In the last 9 days I have lost 3 more pounds and my blood pressure has improved enough that I could cut another dose of medicine in half – I was taking 50 mg. of Metoprolol at bedtime, now taking 25 mg. I had already been able to cut the morning Losartan dose in half, from 50 mg. to 25 mg.

At this rate of improvement, soon I may be able to discontinue more medication.  Metoprolol helps control tachycardia, which has been improving but is not completely gone. My resting pulse rate climbs from about 70 in the mornings to 80 or so by evening – it used to go over 90, so it is better.

I am convinced that this current improvement is due to certain changes I made last week, on the recommendation of Dr. Esselstyn, who has called me twice in the last several weeks. Here’s that story, as emailed to my praying friends on Tuesday, March 8th.

dr-esselstyn-university-of-central-florida-800“Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of Cleveland Clinic called me again and we talked for about 30 minutes. (See http://www.dresselstyn.com/site/books/prevent-reverse/about-the-book/)

The first call I got from him was a week before that, in response to a question I had posted on his website looking for research articles. I was asking if they had done any research into his diet helping patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension.

It seems they were just beginning to do that research – almost all their patients through the years have had coronary artery disease and/or peripheral artery disease.

He said I am only the second patient with pulmonary arterial hypertension who is trying his diet plan (and also improving on it), who has contacted him about it. The other one is a woman from Canada and he is documenting her progress. So far she has improved from a stage 3 PH diagnosis to a stage 1, a tremendous improvement.

As I type this, I am munching on a small bowlful of steamed kale – he suggested I eat kale or some other dark leafy green 6x a day (along with whatever else I’m eating) and gave me all the medical criteria / research for doing that. It helps clear out the damaged inflammatory crud from the endothelial cells that line blood vessels. I need to get some balsamic vinegar to sprinkle on it, which will enhance the taste/effects of the kale, he said.

He spent some time going over foods to eat and foods to avoid. He did say I definitely need to continue losing weight, thus I need to re-arrange how much of the various things I eat until my weight is optimal for my height.

He also said I should not drink anything with caffeine in it, because that damages the lining of blood vessels too. I had already cut way back on regular coffee and will try to cut back some more. Decaf coffee is fine, he said, so I’ll still get the taste of coffee which is what I like.

In the previous phone call he had asked if my doctors were doing serial echocardiograms to measure the blood pressure in my lungs. I said No, and told him my next FU with the cardiologist isn’t for several months yet and I’ll definitely discuss doing that with him. He was interested in receiving any documentation of improved pressures with this diet, if I was willing for my doctors here to send it to him in Cleveland. Which I am.

He invited me to participate in the intensive one-day patient training workshop they have once a month in Ohio. It’s limited to only 10 or 12 people from around the world and he would like me to be one of them sometime in the near future. I told him the problem for me is cost – it’s expensive, $950 or more just for the daylong event. He did ask me to talk to his secretary about it, that they do have payment plans.

But whether I come or not, he asked if I would stay in touch with him monthly and report on my progress. He gave me his home phone number and email address so I can give him regular reports, ask him any questions I have, etc. He is a fascinating doctor, very interested in his patients and their individual cases. So different from what we’re used to.

He was sniffling a little as we talked, so I asked if I could do something for him, before we hung up? Certainly, he said, here I am – what it is?

I said I’d like to pray for him, if he was willing. He said he was willing and so I did. I prayed for him to feel better today, but also for his practice, his work with patients, and his heart – because he cares so much for his patients. He thanked me profusely and we hung up. It was an interesting morning, to say the least.”

Really it has been an interesting month!


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