Excellent cardiology checkup

EKGnormalMy 6 months FU with cardiologist Dr. Wall was this morning and he was very pleased with my overall improvement. He congratulated me on my progress, saying he didn’t think he himself could keep to the whole foods, plant-based program I’m on – he loves chicken too much! Can’t give up the chicken. He added that he didn’t eat it fried any more, so that was something.

My EKG was normal, BP and pulse were perfect and my weight was down to 169 on their scales (168 on mine, close enough). A year ago I weighed 191 according to their records, so that’s 22 pounds I’ve lost so far. He listened to my heart, neck arteries and lungs, and pronounced them absolutely fine. He told me to keep an eye on my BP, cut down the medicine again if I need to, and come back in 6 months.

He did say he couldn’t order serial echocardiograms as Dr. Esselstyn had suggested because Medicare wouldn’t pay for it unless it’s a medical necessity. Since I was doing so well, he couldn’t really say they were needed.

I asked again if I could pray for him before I left. He took my hand and bowed his head, I prayed and then he hugged me to say thanks for the prayer. I also prayed for his EKG technician today, to have a successful day and successful life. (It was the first time I had met her). They both seemed to really appreciate my concern for them and offering to pray. Then he added with a smile, “You can drop in the door here any time you like.”

In the hallway as I was leaving, I asked him to write down Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s name and he did. I asked him to look up that website and read some of the articles, plus do some added research for his own benefit. “We’ve got to keep you healthy!” I told him. He promised he would, so I left him smiling with “I’m going to check and see if you did, next visit.” Hope he will.

My next checkup is in a few months with family medicine Dr. Shelton, just for a TSH level. Looking for another good report then.


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