Good reports

It’s been quite a while since I updated things, so here goes…

My most recent blood work was all really good, except for a slightly higher than normal cholesterol level. It is now 20 points lower than last year, however, so I’m happy with it. (I don’t take medication for that; it gave me horrible nightmares.)

Over the last year I switched doctors and now see Dr. Jane Senseney, an internist. After reading through my past history and because my weight and blood pressure had started creeping up a little, she decided that it had been long enough for Medicare to pay for it and ordered a new echocardiogram.

The nice technologist let me watch the screen some of the time while she was performing the test, explaining what I was looking at. I’d like to say I understood all that, but I didn’t. Though it was fascinating to watch I had no idea what normal was supposed to look like, and she wouldn’t actually tell me if it was normal or not.

I got a phone call in a few days with the results, however — while still not normal, the echo showed much improvement over the one two years ago.  I’m happy with that, too!

A few days after the echo was done I also had a follow-up stress test, recommended but not gotten at my last checkup with Dr. Wall. (At the time it was first scheduled I came down with a cold, followed by bronchitis. Coughing didn’t seem conducive to getting a good test, so I had skipped having it done then.)

I can’t walk on a treadmill, thus had the test with nuclear medicine injected into a vein. Images are taken immediately after the injection and again later.

Although each set of images takes less than 15 minutes, you have to wait several hours between batches. What to do with all that extra time? Why, praying for everyone in sight and out of sight, of course. It did indeed make the time go by faster.

Of course the technologists wouldn’t say if this test was normal or not, either. But a nice lady called the very next day to tell me – the stress test was normal. Yay! Really happy with that.

One annoying thing happened last May a year ago: knee pain. One of my curious kitties had pushed a bedroom slipper way under the bed, so I got down on my hands and knees to retrieve it and suddenly felt my left knee begin to ache. I waited a month or so before finally getting an x-ray, which didn’t show anything remarkable, just an old healed tibial fracture (see below). When the pain persisted, eventually Dr. Senseney ordered an MRI of the knee.

That showed a torn meniscus above the spot where in December of 1984 I had fractured the tibia — falling down a flight of ship’s stairs on the Yorktown aircraft carrier in Charleston Harbor. It was the third day of our honeymoon. Long story! See https://scfamilymemories.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/the-weird-week-of-our-wedding/

Of course I had known about the fracture, but not about the meniscus tear. From its appearance on the MRI this was obviously an old injury; kneeling with my weight mostly on that knee had caused it to flare up.

An appointment with orthopedist Dr. Nigel Watt turned out to be delightful, actually. Other than a steroid injection to quiet down the current inflammation, he didn’t recommend any other therapy. And certainly no surgery!

Dr. Watt let me pray for him before I left his office, which was really neat. I actually prayed for two other people before I got out of the building, which was neat too.

So things are going along pretty well, health-wise. I had let the diet slip a little and put five pounds back on, which probably contributed to the small rise in my blood pressure. I do not want to increase any BP medications so I’m returning to a bit stricter adherence to the whole foods, plant-based system. It obviously works for me!

My next checkup with Dr. Wall is the end of July, where I’m sure we’ll discuss the blood work, echocardiogram, stress test, blood pressure and weight… and I’m looking forward to good reports from that visit, too. 🙂



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